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All the skins you can see here and many more are aviable at www.scalenine.com.
  »  Skining Flex is fun
To start skinning Flex you just need to download one of skinning templates on the the adobe site. There are templates for Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop and Illustrator aviable.
There is also a very useful tutorial that tells you how to do the magic.
Adobe Skining Templates

  »  Treasure Map

flex treasuremap
Another fancy Theme for Skinning Flex. There are Skins for only a few widgets.

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12. September 2007

  »  The Flex Love Story in three acts

flex lovestory
Actually it is not a skin but it is also not a component. So where to contribute? It is just the skinned Horizontal Accordion of Doug McCune....and it is a Love Story ;-)

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27. August 2007

  »  Black Edding

Adobe Flex Skin Edding
The Black Edding Theme is inspired by the Scribble Skin but there are more widgets skinned then in the Scribble Theme.
Somehow I am proud of the ScrollBars ;-)

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18. August 2007

  »  Blue Plastic

Flex Theme bluePlastic
The panel in this theme looks a little plastic like. For the sample I used the SuperPanel and the ReflectionManager. But the skin works also without it.

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29. Juli 2007

  »  Flekristal the Second

Flex skin b
Just a variation of Flekristal using (again) the SuperPanel and the Reflection of Wietse. Panels which are not used are out of focus so dont wonder...

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01. August 2007

  »  Flekristal

flex theme flekristal skin
This theme just uses shades of grey and a lot of transparancies. That means its absolut color neutral and the appearence depends on the background.
To show this I put a little control panel in the upper left corner which you can use to change the background image, the fontcolor and transparencies.
Of course you can adapt this theme also with the css.

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16. Juli 2007

  »  Flekscribble

Skin fuer Flex
The Scribble theme
There are only a few widgets skinned. I am thinking about doing also the other ones.
In earliere downloads the swf-file was missing. Sorry!!! Now the zip contains also the *.swf. Thanks to Tom Chiverton who told me.

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5. Juli 2007

  »  Dark Nite

flex dark nite skin theme
This theme looks actually good with any dark background.
Author: Ralf Sczepan

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5. Juli 2007